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What To Do Right After An Auto Accident

Getting into an auto accident can be a harrowing experience. Even when injuries or damages are minor, these impacts can be unexpected and frightening – especially when you and your passengers remain in the flow of traffic.

There are, however, steps you can take following your accident that will not only allow you to safely resolve the crash but also prepare you for any future legal action.

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At The Law Offices of John R. Mathias, P.A., my team and I have dealt with countless car accident victims in need of legal counsel. In many cases, these victims after their accident proceeded in ways that hurt their long-term efforts to recover compensation. Below, we share some of the best practices for proceeding after an accident to preserve the viability of a future injury or damages claim.

Steps To Take Following A Car Accident

The first and most crucial step following a car accident is tending to the injured. In serious accidents, medical personnel arriving at the scene will do this and it is important that you follow their instructions. In less serious accidents, immediately pulling to the road shoulder may be appropriate.

After stopping the vehicle, take the following steps:

  • Exchange information with the other drivers involved. Be sure to collect their names and insurance information.
  • Inform the police and your insurance company about the crash, but do not offer detailed information or opinions. Let the police and your insurer know that you will be seeking legal advice.
  • Report your claim immediately. The sooner you report your claim to the insurance company, the better.
  • See a doctor. Seeing a doctor is not only important to ensure all of your injuries are diagnosed and treated correctly and in a timely manner, but a doctor can prescribe appropriate follow-up care and give you an idea about the extent of your injuries. A correct prognosis is important for determining how much compensation you should ask for.
  • Get your car fixed or replaced. First, keep track of where your car is towed. Take pictures of the wrecked vehicle If your car is fixable, my team can help coordinate your repairs and get an adjuster out to appraise the damage. If your car is damaged beyond 80% of its value, your car will most likely be considered “totaled,” and the insurance company will give you a check for its cash value.
  • Keep a record of all expenses that you incur. In addition to the value of your car, you may also be compensated for the loss of the use of your car, as well as rental car expenses while your car is being appraised or repaired. Ask our attorneys for advice and help to protect your interests regarding property damage.

If you have followed these steps, then you have laid the groundwork for protecting your future by pursuing legal action against negligent parties involved in your accident. I have more than 30 years of experience. I care and I’m well prepared to help you pursue the maximum available compensation.

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