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A construction accident can result in serious injuries and heavy financial burdens. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries on a construction site in the Tampa-St. Petersburg are, do not assume that workers’ compensation is your only source of financial relief. If a third party — perhaps an inspector, a subcontractor or an equipment manufacturer — contributed to your accident, they may be liable for your injuries, and yo may be owed significant financial compensation.

You may be able to bring a separate personal injury claim and recover compensation for pain and suffering, above and beyond your workers’ compensation benefits. I am attorney John R. Mathias, a construction accident attorney with decades of experience. I have helped my clients obtain millions of dollars in compensation for injuries, and I am here to help you, too.

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What Circumstances Led To Your Injuries At A Construction Site?

You may have been working on a new building, highway, bridge or any type of infrastructure. Something went wrong, and you were injured in one of these ways:

  • A fall from a high place
  • A fall into a ditch or crevice
  • A blow to the head or shoulders by a piece of falling debris
  • A fall or blunt-force injury involving scaffolding, a crane or a ladder
  • An amputation or any serious injury involving a power tool
  • A crash involving a motor vehicle
  • A burn injury or injury to your skin or lungs through exposure to toxic chemicals

No matter what caused your injuries, you deserve clear information about how to obtain all compensation that you can recover. If I represent you, I pledge to leave no stone unturned as I search for the keys to winning your case, including third-party liability claims if warranted..

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Contact me to learn how I can get an investigation started that may lead to the resolution of your case. I offer rays of hope to injured construction workers in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

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