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Truck Accidents

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Have You Been Hurt in a Commercial Truck Accident?

Based on the simple size and speed of most trucks versus the size of most carsthe truck usually wins while the occupants are often catastrophically injured or killed. Last year alone, more than 380,000 large truck accidents occurred throughout the U.S., resulting in 90,000 injuries and 4,229 deaths.

If you were recently involved in a large truck accident, or if you have lost a loved one in a truck accident, then the time to seek an aggressive St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer is now. At the Law Offices of John R. Mathias, we have the knowledge and resources to assess, investigate and, if necessary, enter litigation for these claims. Attorney Mathias brings decades of legal experience to our clients' cases and ensures that every avenue towards compensation on their behalf is pursued.

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How We Can Help

It is important to retain the services of a capable St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. In most cases valuable evidence must be obtained at the crash scene and before the evidence is destroyed. Often times skid marks, scuff marks, and road debris will play a critical rule in proving the fault of the trunk driver. In these cases, we hire qualified experts to document the crash scene and reconstruct the crash if necessary. Our goal is to prove the truck driver or trucking company was somehow responsible for the accident, and thus liable for paying damages.

Furthermore, sometimes more than one company is responsible for the mistakes of the driver. Sometimes different insurance companies cover different actions or, believe it or not, parts of the truck at various stages of delivery. By simply chasing the name on the door of the truck you may overlook companies and insurance providers that can compensate you for your injuries and loss.

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If you were injured in a truck accident in St. Petersburg or Tampa, you can retain the professional and experienced personal injury counsel you need at the Law Offices of John R. Mathias, P.A. There are many elements involved in preparing a truck accident case, including collecting evidence, interviewing eye witnesses, recovering witness testimony, and creating a persuasive argument. Should you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that your claim is in good hands, and that all efforts will be taken to maximize your chances of obtaining the restitution you deserve.

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