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Most Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

Premises liability refers to a property owner, landlord, or manager’s negligence that leads to an injury or loss. These injuries typically happen on residential and commercial property and often result in financial compensation.

Types of Liability Claims

Slip and fall. This is the most common form of a liability claim. These injuries are usually caused by hazardous conditions such as a spill, broken flooring, or poor lighting and can happen anywhere. Some of the most common places in which these accidents can happen include malls, restaurants, hotels, and parking lots.

Animal attacks. In some circumstances, dog bites can fall under premises liability claims. When property owners are aware of violent dogs on the premises and do nothing about it, they can be held liable if it attacks and causes injuries.

Negligent security. If someone is robbed or attacked on someone else’s property, they may be held liable for inadequate security. Injuries caused by violence can be severe and costly.

Electrical accidents. A lawsuit could be filed when exposed, or faulty wiring leads to injury or death.

Exposure to toxic chemicals. If someone is exposed to pesticides, mold, asbestos, or chemical solvents, property owners could be held liable for the failure of safekeeping.

Proving Negligence

If you believe a property or business owner’s negligence caused your injuries, it’s important that you consider hiring an attorney. Working with a lawyer can benefit you by being a viable resource for your claim filing process. They can help ensure that you have all the evidence needed to support the elements of a negligence case. These include:

  • There was a hazardous condition the business or property owner knew or should’ve known about.
  • The plaintiff was injured due to the hazard
  • The plaintiff suffered financial losses, such as medical bills
  • The plaintiff was lawfully on their premises

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