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Case Results


Pedestrian accident – Client’s leg was pinned between a car backing up and another parked car. Significant damages to clients leg resulting in numerous skin grafts.


Car accident / low impact car collision – Client with no prior complaints underwent three level fusion. The damages to both cars totaled $365.00. Insurance company never offered more than $1,000.


Motorcycle accident – Injury to both legs resulting in fractures.


Car accident – Client suffered neck injury resulting in neck surgery. Damage to both cars was $475.00.


Medical malpractice – Failure to diagnose ankle fracture.


Car accident – Injury to neck resulting in surgery.


Car accident – Client injured in car wreck resulting in hospital stay of seven weeks. No lasting injury and no treatment for four years.


Car accident – Client injured right elbow and hand resulting in surgery.


Car accident – Client injured in minor accident which resulted in back surgery.


Car accident – Client injured neck resulting in immediate disk injury and surgery.


Car accident – Injury connective tissues of the hip.


Car accident – Injury to knee from motor vehicle accident.


Car accident – Injury to jaw joints from rear end motor vehicle accident.

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