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Most Common Summertime Slip and Fall Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

Although slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, there is a heightened risk of suffering injuries from these accidents in the summer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated three million people are hospitalized annually for slip and fall-related injuries. Proper education and preventative measure are essential when avoiding slip and fall accidents in the summer. Here are some of the most common causes of slip and fall-related injuries in the warmer months.


There are usually many warning signs posted all around public pools, encouraging visitors to walk and not run when by the pool. This is an attempt to avoid unwanted accidents since people may not realize how slippery wet surfaces may be. Although signage is typically seen at public pools, homeowners should also consider having some hazard warnings posted.

Docks and Boats

Boats are in high demand during the summer, as people want to enjoy a nice day on the lake or other bodies of water. Like pools, docks can also pose a significant threat to visitors when they are wet. Slip and fall at places involving water because, unlike others, when a victim falls, they are not only at risk of injury from the impact but also at risk of drowning.

Sprinkler Systems

While they are great for keeping your yard healthy and children or pets entertained, sprinkler systems can be a risk factor when assessing slip and fall accidents in the summer. Although they are placed in the grass, water often travels to sidewalks and driveways, causing a significant hazard to be aware of.

Tourist Attractions

Everyone loves to travel and explore fun parts of new cities in the summer. During warmer months, tourist attractions’ slip and fall accidents tend to increase in numbers, especially in places like sports areas or zoos. If you encounter slippery hallways or flooring that no one has tended to, it is best to walk around the hazardous condition and inform someone immediately to help protect the safety of other tourists.


Sandals and flip-flops are worn much more in the summertime but can be very dangerous, especially when wet. Wearing shoes to places like the beach, pool, or lake can cause falls that result in ankle sprains, fractures, or unwanted blisters on your feet. Although they may take longer to put on, closed-toe shoes are the most appropriate footwear when partaking in summer activities, especially ones including water.

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