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What Should You Do Immediately Following a Car Crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Personal Injury

Upon crashing the car, what should you do to help yourself and other passengers? The chances of surviving a car crash increase dramatically if you take care of yourself. Knowing the basics of self-rescue, having the proper documents, and taking action with them are all critical to surviving a crash.

  • Take a Breath and Allow Yourself to Receive Information

To avoid rushing to conclusions about what has happened, allow yourself to take a few moments to absorb the details. A vehicle driven at a high rate of speed hitting a car or another object can do severe damage, and the first thing you should do after the crash is look at the vehicle to assess damages. Take the time to take in the scene.

  • Calmly Call the Police

As you take in the information, make it a priority to call 911 and then call the insurance company, your local car repair shop, or your family member.

  • Assess Your Personal Needs

Take a moment to check your condition and collect your personal belongings. If you are able, it is vital to stay at the scene while the police are en route and allow the officers to help you. Try to focus on a physical problem as soon as possible. Try to move your neck, arms, and legs to avoid further injury. If you are fine, try to assess your emotional state. It is natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed after an accident, but you must avoid this and calm your body and mind.

  • Exchange Information with the Other Parties Involved

You must obtain the contact and insurance information of anyone involved in the car accident so that the damages done to your vehicle will be paid for by the appropriate party. Be sure to write down the other vehicle’s tag number, too, just in case you do not receive the actual name or number of the party at fault.

  • Take Care of Your Vehicle

Take inventory of the vehicle’s state of repair. In the event of a severe accident, your vehicle may be totaled. However, this can only be checked by a trained mechanic. If your car is unsalvageable, your insurance company will be able to help you figure out your next steps.

  • Report the Crash

Once the police arrive, tell them all the details of the incident, including who was driving, where the crash happened, and any damage sustained by you and the other party. If possible, take pictures of the incident.

  • Take Care of Your Legal Rights

Every day, countless auto accidents take place throughout St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area. If you know that another person acted negligently or recklessly, subsequently causing the accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bill, lost wages, mental anguish, property damage, and more.

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